In-House Accountant

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In-House Accountant

Job description

What are we looking for?

An In-House Accountant who makes numbers fly like magic.

Where are we looking?

Boston, MA, or Remote.

What type of job is this?

Full-time. And then some. (Hey, we’re a start-up. What do you expect?)

Who would you report to?

Our Director of Operations & People.  He likes numbers.  And magic.  

What is the salary range for this role?

Range is $55-70K commensurate with experience.

What should you bring to the table?

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/Finance and 3+ years of experience in an accounting role;
  • Expertise in GAAP, accounting rules and procedures. Like, you should be able to quote GAAP principles in your sleep;
  • Expert-level proficiency with Quickbooks Online;
  • Expert-level proficiency with Excel (V&H Lookups, Pivot Tables, Macros, etc.
  • Extensive experience with corporate financial reporting requirements;
  • Experience simultaneously managing multiple legal entities and charts of accounts;
  • Excellent computer skills;
  • An ability to translate financial reports into every-day English;
  • Accuracy. All the time, every time;
  • Unmatched time-management skills and ability to crush deadlines.

What will really get our attention?

  • Familiarity with the Automated Home Integration industry;
  • Strong Awareness of current business trends;
  • Proficiency with Google Suite (sheets, docs, calendar, etc.)
  • Proficiency with Slack software
  • Superb Interpersonal Skills;
  • Strong command of multiple software and cloud-based tools;
  • High level of comfort leading and participating in meetings via Zoom
  • Demonstrated experience converting chaos into order.

What do we bring to the table?

  • A team of aces willing to do anything for each other;
  • Competitive salary;
  • 100% company-paid medical insurance, disability, and life insurance;
  • Eligibility for dental, vision;
  • Flexible time-off policy;
  • Employee-funded 401K plan;
  • Opportunity to work remotely full-time;
  • Lots of team socials (after COVID-19 goes away!).

Who are we?

Remember the cartoon The Jetsons, as a kid? Or, how about the movie, Iron Man? Both shows have a key commonality: they showcased really bad-ass homes that were souped up with the kind of technology that would blow your mind if that technology actually existed in real life.

Well, what was fiction in those shows is rapidly becoming real life today. Consumer technology and smart-home systems are evolving at a rapid pace, which means homes being built or renovated today and in the coming years are going to look more and more like those homes in the movies. Ten years from now, homeowners are gonna need a personal IT Director to help them manage all this new technology because…..well, the technology is getting smarter, but we as humans aren’t necessarily getting smarter at fixing that technology when it stops working.

Our Founder & CEO realized this a number of years ago when he launched our company, OneVision Resources. We envision our company serving as that front-line “IT Director” for people’s homes by providing remote support over the phone and via email to homeowners when their technology stops working. And you probably have enough tech in your own home to know that happens all the time and for a variety of reasons - an ice storm knocks everything offline, a software update goes wrong, or the kids mess with the remote and you can’t figure out how to get your cable channels back on the screen.

Our company hires really smart tech geeks, and then trains them on the biggest brands and latest gadgets so that they can help homeowners go about their lives.

We are one of a very, very small number of companies attempting to do this sort of home technology support right now, and we’re the only company building out our business model for delivering this service.

Which is where you come in. The homeowners whom we service come to us through the local integrator company they hired to install the technology into their home in the first place. There are thousands of these professional integrator companies across the United States, and we currently provide support through 60+ of them, which adds up to just over 3,000 homeowners.

Our company’s financial success relies upon each of these 60+ integrator companies being successful. As long as they continue to grow and maintain good business practices, our company will be able to do the same.

Within this spirit, we believe there is an opportunity for us to do more than just provide support to the clients of each of these integrator companies. We believe we could take on the responsibility of managing their accounting operations, standardize the Chart of Accounts across all of these integrator companies, and help save them on the costs of hiring an in-house accountant themselves or outsourcing it to a third party.

In order to do this, we need to hire someone who can not only manage our own internal accounting needs (we currently outsource this), but who also gets excited by the prospect of helping our company grow its portfolio of offerings to our integrator companies by taking on their accounting needs.

Are you that person?

What would a typical day look like?

Your job will be broken into two major categories.

1. In-House accounting needs

This is probably the easier of the two parts. Our books are extremely well organized, kept current, and regularly reviewed by the company’s senior leadership. Your responsibility will be to continue this dynamic, and ensure that our current/future financial reporting needs continue to operate as smoothly as is currently the case. You will work with our Operations Specialist on a daily basis for all AP and AR related needs, as well as other traditional book-keeping activities. He’s been doing this for several years and is pretty kick-ass with his institutional knowledge.

2. Accounting Needs for our Integrator Companies

This is the fun part of the job. As described above, we are launching this special initiative to take over the accounting needs for any of the integrator companies who use our company for their support platform.

We are in the beginning stages of this initiative, determining which of our 60+ integrator clients want to participate in this. We believe we’ll start providing accounting services to 5-7 of them at first (Q1 of 2021), and then slowly expand from there.

We know that not all 60+ of our integrator clients will want or need this service. But, we anticipate 15-25 of them will end up coming aboard for this service.

Each time a new integrator decides to use this service, you will run lead on each aspect of this relationship:

  • You will work with their current accountant or book-keeper to organize and migrate their information over to our systems (examples of this can include, but are not limited to, converting a company from Quickbooks Desktop over to our preferred platform - Quickbooks Online).
  • You will reorganize their Chart of Accounts so that it mirrors the Chart of Accounts for each of our other integrator clients.
  • You will then lead on monthly accounting needs for each of these integrators:
    • Own the month-end process
    • Prepare and post journal entries
    • Prepare and analyze account reconciliations
    • Assist with preparing and managing the monthly forecast
    • Create financial reports as needed or requested by integrators
    • Participate in a monthly financial analysis meeting with each integrator

In short, you can compare this initiative to the kind of work you’d be doing if you were managing the books for a portfolio of clients at an accounting firm. The only difference is that your clients would all be from the same industry, with nearly identical accounting needs.

Curious if you’ll fit our culture?

  • Do you believe there’s always room for improvement? We are constantly in the pursuit of perfection when it comes to our client experience.
  • Do you always have a backup plan? Things rarely go according to plan, so it’s important to be prepared. Or have MacGyver’s cell number.
  • Are you frequently putting yourself in others’ shoes? We pride ourselves on being empathetic to any partner’s situation, and give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Do you always dot your i’s and cross your t’s? Attention to detail is a must. We don’t bend on this one.
  • Can you keep a secret? Good, because our end-users’ privacy is a top priority.
  • Are you happy to lend a helping hand? We’re a small, tight-knit group and at times all wear a number of different hats.
  • Are you transparent and do you prefer addressing the elephant in the room? We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest, and believe it’s one of the things that sets us apart from the pack.
  • Do you pick up the ball that someone else may have dropped? We’re looking for people that own the company goals beyond just doing their job.
  • Are you OK with making a mistake? We are too, as long as we learn from them and don’t repeat.


Still reading...?  If you've gotten this far and like what you see, apply already!