HR Generalist & Recruiter

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HR Generalist & Recruiter

Job description

What are we looking for?

A ridiculously kick-ass HR Generalist & Recruiter.

Where are we looking?

Boston, MA, or Remote.

What type of job is this?

Full-time. And then some. (Hey, we’re a start-up. What do you expect?)

Who would you report to?

Our Director of Operations & People. He’s also pretty ridiculously kick-ass.  Well, we let him think so anyway.

What should you bring to the table?

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources or Business Administration;
  • 3+ years of experience in a Generalist or Recruiting role, preferably in a startup/growing company environment;
  • PHR certification;
  • Strong familiarity with HRMS and Recruiting platforms;
  • Strong familiarity with MA labor laws and regulations (we’re headquartered in Boston)
  • Confidentiality;
  • Excellent computer skills;
  • Accuracy. All the time, every time;
  • Multi-tasking skills; you should be able to crush the whack-a-mole game when the local carnival comes to town;
  • Unmatched time-management skills and ability to obliterate deadlines;
  • Superb interpersonal skills;
  • A natural curiosity.

What will really get our attention? (things that are bonus, but not critical)

  • Familiarity with the Automated Home Integration industry;
  • Experience managing HR needs for a remote workforce;
  • Experience managing HR needs for a company over 50 employees;
  • Expertise in using Mac hardware and Google software (we use only Mac machines, and we live in our Google drive);
  • Experience working with PEO’s (we currently use ADP);
  • Experience creating HR policies and infrastructure, rather than just managing it
  • Experience with EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)
  • Strong command of multiple software and cloud-based tools;
  • High level of comfort leading and participating in meetings via Zoom
  • Demonstrated experience converting chaos into order.

What do we bring to the table?

  • A team of aces willing to do anything for each other;
  • Competitive salary;
  • 100% company-paid medical insurance, disability, and life insurance;
  • Generous coverage for dental, vision benefits;
  • A very friendly time-off policy;
  • Employee-funded 401K plan;
  • Opportunity to work remotely full-time;
  • Lots of team socials (after COVID-19 goes away!).

Who are we?

Remember the cartoon The Jetsons, as a kid? Or, how about the movie, Iron Man? Both shows have a key commonality: they showcased really bad-ass homes that were souped up with the kind of technology that would blow your mind if that technology actually existed in real life. 

Well, what was fiction in those shows is rapidly becoming real life today. Consumer technology and smart-home systems are evolving at a rapid pace, which means homes being built or renovated today and in the coming years are going to look more and more like those homes in the movies. Ten years from now, homeowners are gonna need a personal IT Director to help them manage all this new technology because…..well, the technology is getting smarter, but we as humans aren’t necessarily getting smarter at fixing that technology when it stops working.

Our Founder & CEO realized this a number of years ago when he launched our company, OneVision Resources. We envision our company serving as that front-line “IT Director” for people’s homes by providing remote support over the phone and via email to homeowners when their technology stops working. And you probably have enough tech in your own home to know that happens all the time and for a variety of reasons - an ice storm knocks everything offline, a software update goes wrong, or the kids mess with the remote and you can’t figure out how to get your cable channels back on the screen.

Our company hires really smart tech geeks, and then trains them on the biggest brands and latest gadgets so that they can help homeowners go about their lives.

We are one of a very, very small number of companies attempting to do this sort of home technology support right now, and we’re the only company building out our business model for delivering this service.

Why are we looking for this position?

Our Director of Operations & People joined the company three years ago, and has done a tremendous amount of work to create an infrastructure that allows our company to identify and recruit awesome talent, onboard that talent, and then support/retain that talent once they’re in full working mode. Under his leadership, the company has grown from 20 employees primarily based in Boston, to over 50 employees today spread throughout the U.S. The company now has a standardized compensation infrastructure, a robust recruiting program, clearly defined onboarding programs, and fundamental HR tools to support our team.

This is all pretty exciting, and we’re super proud of this success! But we’re now becoming a victim of our own success. He’s only one person, currently trying to not only support the current scale of our company, but also leading the effort to continue scaling our team. He’s starting to get buried, and needs some help.

Which is where you come in.

What would a typical day look like?

Your job will be broken into two major categories - both of them equal in terms of priority and focus. You’ll work hand-in-hand with our Director of Operations & People, quite literally communicating with him every hour via Slack or Zoom calls. You’ll be his right hand, helping manage the company’s daily HR operations while also helping guide the strategic growth of the company.

1. General HR assistance needs

Half of your time will focus upon the day-to-day internal needs of our company. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting with our internal recruiting process:
    • Writing, updating, and posting job descriptions
    • Screening applicants for positions
    • Guiding qualified applicants through our application process
  • Assisting with internal onboarding needs:
    • Updating onboarding programs as needed
    • Executing enrollment of new hires into our system (payroll, benefits, other tools)
  • Managing bi-weekly payroll;
  • Overseeing the build-out and execution of our performance management processes
  • Compliance and Reporting:
    • Auditing our current HR policies and creating new ones as needed, or updating as needed (being a young start-up company, we are constantly building out our HR infrastructure as new needs arise);
    • Monitor and assist with legal compliance issues on a federal and state level;
  • Employee Relationships:
    • Addressing individual employee questions and issues related to their benefits;
    • Managing our TinyPulse platform and engaging with employees in each weekly survey;
    • Maintain employee records;

2. Recruiting assistance for our clients (Smart-Home Integrator Companies)

First, a little background - the homeowners for whom we provide smart-home support come to us through professional integrator companies located all across the U.S. There are thousands of these companies, each of them independent of each other, and we currently partner with 60 of them. These companies perform the initial installation of technology into their clients’ homes, and then we provide ongoing support to those homeowners after the equipment is up and running.

Our overall financial success as a company depends on the success of each of these 60 integrator companies, whom we call our Partners. Because our success is so dependent on our Partners being successful, we go out of our way to assist various parts of their internal operations - including helping them recruit good talent onto their teams. Our Partners need to find excellent Installers, Service Technicians, Service Coordinators, Office Managers, etc. in order to keep growing their client base. However, most of our Partners don’t have strong expertise and a high level of comfort with finding and recruiting good talent.

The second half of your job would therefore focus upon leading efforts to help each of our Partners find and hire great talent. In some cases, you’ll merely serve as an advisor to a Partner company as they lead their own hiring process. In many other cases, you’ll quite literally manage their hiring process (create the job description and post it, screen candidates, facilitate interviews, advise on hiring decisions, etc.).

Curious if you’ll fit our culture?

  • Do you believe there’s always room for improvement? We are constantly in the pursuit of perfection when it comes to our client experience.
  • Do you always have a backup plan? Things rarely go according to plan, so it’s important to be prepared. Or have MacGyver’s cell number.
  • Are you frequently putting yourself in others’ shoes? We pride ourselves on being empathetic to any partner’s situation, and give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Do you always dot your i’s and cross your t’s? Attention to detail is a must. We don’t bend on this one.
  • Can you keep a secret? Good, because our end-users’ privacy is a top priority.
  • Are you happy to lend a helping hand? We’re a small, tight-knit group and at times all wear a number of different hats.
  • Are you transparent and do you prefer addressing the elephant in the room? We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest, and believe it’s one of the things that sets us apart from the pack.
  • Do you pick up the ball that someone else may have dropped? We’re looking for people that own the company goals beyond just doing their job.
  • Are you OK with making a mistake? We are too, as long as we learn from them and don’t repeat.


Still reading...?  If you've gotten this far and like what you see, apply already!